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If you’re familiar with the Montessori method, you know that schools following these teaching principles focus on child-guided, hands-on learning. There are no lectures or timelines–students explore concepts at their own pace, in their own way, working until their personal curiosity is satisfied. In fact, curiosity is the first of Montessori’s powerful “Cs.” Learn more about these concepts so that you can support your child as they follow their own learning path at home:


Present your child with an activity, demonstrate it for them, then step back and let them explore it on their own. Watch as they discover various elements on their own, using each piece or the whole as they wish. Let them play as long as they are interested, without intervening, but redirect if you sense they are becoming frustrated.


Speak to your child calmly and lovingly. Praise their exploration, curiosity, patience, and perseverance rather than their efforts or outcome. Encourage them to continue exploring and ask them questions about what they’re doing. Demonstrating positivity and support not only builds self-confidence in your child, it also teaches your child how to speak kindly to others.


The ability to recognize a mistake and try again without becoming frustrated or defensive, will serve your child well throughout their life. Teach them that mistakes are part of the learning process by gently redirecting problems and suggesting a solution to try next. Sticking with a problem is more important than getting it right the first time.


You may have heard about Growth Mindset, that everyone can learn a concept, and just because a student doesn’t understand it yet doesn’t mean they never will. Montessori believes that learning is a journey, and that there is much to be learned from the process itself. Encourage your child as they embark on the journey and every step of the way.

You can build a curious, confident learner by following these tips from Montessori. Set out a new activity for your little one today and see how they respond



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